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Why hire me?

Because I am productive and accurate.


I have a long view when it comes to working with computer programs that produce digital content. I learn new programs quickly.


My personal schedule is flexible. I am able to devote and structure my time with the determination that my work schedule gets top priority


Whether it is screenwriting, video production or editing, I see every project that I do all the way through to its completion.

My Values


I find that part of being respectful and responsible is seeking to understand. It makes all the difference in human relations.

Work Ethic

I consider part of having a proper work ethic is to be on task every minute I am at work. I know its all about keeping my word.


I believe it is important to build on existing skills and keep growing. Part of making that happen is loving what I do.

Self Care

I know it is important to recharge when I have the time to do it. I believe it helps to keep myself fresh and on task at work.

Video Production

These are some of the videos that I have produced while working on a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication.

These are some of the audio pieces I have produced while working through my degree. I especially like the Haunted Ship commercial and the Little Red Riding Hood short audio book.

Audio Production

My assessment of my abilities.

Writing 90%

Still Photography 70%

Directing 85%

Video and Audio Editing 90%

Contact Me

Thank you for visiting my portfolio site. You can view my unofficial transcripts from the links below. Give me a call or drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.

Transcript From Bemidji State University

Transcript From Lake Superior College

My Resume

Phone: +1 218-269-7231